2016 Engine Sealing-Big Diamond Speedway.  Mandatory for weekly racing.

Engine must be on engine stand, and have oil pan, and one head removed, timing cover installed.

One intake valve, and one exhaust valve, must be removed to be weigh and to check the bowl area.

Both exhaust and intake runners will be checked at this time also.

The # 2 and # 3 head bolts on each side, and two oil pan bolts side by side, must be drilled with 1/8 inch holes for seals.

Roadrunners and Sportsman must also drill the front two top timing cover bolts, along with two front intake bolls on either side, with 1/8 inch holes.

The cost to seal an engine is $90.00 if your shop is within an hour commute from tech Inspectors residence.

There will be a $ 35.00 per hour charge for anything over an hour’s commute, but will only charge travel one way to your shop.

If two or more owners want engine sealed, the cost of travel can be split between them.

The cost of inspection is PASS OR FAIL and may be adjusted depending on cost passed on to inspection of engines from gas prices , cost of seals, or any other tooling needed to perform said duties.

*Engines that are not sealed by April 10th 2016 are subject to an intense technical inspection. This is the tracks right to do so, not the competitors.

*If you are running Big Diamond weekly and choose to have your engine sealed for the 2016 season then Big Diamond seals must be on the engine.

Please contact Jim with any questions.