Races are awesome. Races are capable of giving an extra oomph when it comes to thrill factor. Be it horse racing or car racing or even the man racing, racing has never failed to drop the jaws of the followers with a nail-biting excitement. But this excitement doubles when the viewers bet on the races. When you only follow the race, you are only casually watching it. But when you are betting on the race, on your favorite team or player, you are actually involving yourself into the race. Where the win or loss actually matters to you because you have risked your money on it. Race track betting is on such ground where you actually feel like running while only watching.

Ultimate Racing Tournaments

The best and most awaited car races of the world that involves huge amounts of race track betting are:

  1. Monaco Grand Prix: this is the formula one championship that has been taking place in the tracks of the small state of Monaco in the last weekend of May every year since 1929
  2. Indianapolis 500: this is the speediest open-wheel competition of America where the cars have to finish 200 anticlockwise laps of the Indianapolis Speedway.
  3. 24 Hours of Le Mans: this can be called the marathon of car racing in which the drivers have to drive for 24 long hours and cover a distance of 3300 miles. This has been taking place since 1923
  4. Daytona 500: this is an annual race held in February every year and is the premium championship by the NASCAR. Daytona is the founding city of NASCAR.
  5. Bathurst 1000: this one takes place in October on the panorama speedway of Australia.

Tips & Odds for Betting on Sport Sites

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Perks and Benefits for Sports Betting Through Online Casinos

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Play For Free Car Racing Slots

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Car racing has been the most anticipated sports among youths. In the coming days, we hope to see more and more people involving themselves with the sport and online casino betting. Especially since everyone can try these games for free by using the no deposit bonus from online casinos like Slotocash. So we can only see betting and car racing slots games only rising in popularity.