Because they all have an exciting story, dazzling scenery but also exceptional drivers. Because the world’s best drivers have the greatest fans supporting them, and from time to time placing bets on them at the safest online casinos on the market, always hoping for the win. Because the vast majority of the evolutions that the road has experienced come from the track. Because the greatest brands of today have forged their legend in competition,

  1. The 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)

Since 1923, the city of Le Mans has hosted a 24-hour race. For a week, the city lives to the rhythm of the event. On a 13.629 km track, containing a part of the National Road, the cars compete day and night according to their categories. Considered the most prestigious motor race in the world, the 24 hours of Le Mans is a showcase of motorsport where glories and sometimes dramas are made.

  1. The 500 miles of Indianapolis (USA)

Called Indianapolis 500 or Indy 500, the Indianapolis 500 is a bit of the USA Le Mans.  Created in 1911, it takes place every year during Memorial Day weekend almost in the heart of Indianapolis City, Indiana. It quickly became a reference due to its length (about 200 laps) but also, and above all, due to the aspect of its layout. An oval circuit of 4.023 km which the drivers run at very high speeds (on average 300 km/h).

  1. The Mille Miglia (Italy)

The Mille Miglia is one of the most famous races in the world. From 1927 to 1957, the greatest drivers competed in the most prestigious cars (Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bugatti). From Brescia to Rome, over a distance of 1 618 Km, the greatest drivers have clashed there (Nuvolari, Ascari, Moss)

  1. F1 Grand Prix of Monaco

All the great champions dream of winning the Monaco Grand Prix. This mythical grand prize is a mixture of glitter and excellence. Designed in 1929, this circuit met the challenge of organizing a competition on the famous ” rock “. Each season, over a distance of 3.34 Km, the Formula 1 takes to the streets of the Principality. A slow race and considered the toughest in the league.

  1. The Dakar (South America)

A challenge for those who leave. Dream for those who remain, here is the motto of the Dakar. Lost in the desert of Libya during a rally, Thierry Sabine did not expect to create a mythical race. In 1978, the first Paris-Dakar sprang from Europe (Paris), passed through Algiers and ended in Dakar. However, a change, of course, took place in 2008 when terrorist threats were looming over the race. Since then, the Dakar has crossed South America from Chile to Argentina. It brings together motorbikes, cars, and trucks.

  1. The Monte Carlo Rally (Monaco)

Created in 1911, the Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo should enable Monaco to be a world-wide reputation. This sporting event has become more than a meeting place for specialists in the discipline. The route takes place in winter (January) and crosses the French departments bordering the Principality. In addition to a speed race, this race is the most prestigious rally race.

  1. Pikes Peak (USA)

A race that carries its nickname: “the race to the clouds”. Pikes Peak is a hill race, which takes place on the mountain of Pikes Peak in Colorado every summer since 1916. With a start at 2,865 m altitude and a finish 1,440 meters above, it is a challenge for both drivers and machines. On a course of 19.93 km, composed of 156 turns, a dozen categories (car, motorcycle, quad, trucks) meet on a slippery and dusty track. In 2012, the route was paved, which completely changes the identity of the event. Frenchman S√©bastien Loeb holds the record for the Peugeot race.

  1. The Tour de France automobile (France)

Created in 1899 by the Automobile Club of France, the Tour de France automobile is a competition composed of stage races across France. In the program: 24 departments, on almost 2 300 km, the automotive world is invited on the French roads to meet the population. A race that unfortunately will never meet the expected success since the last one took place in 1986. Now, the Optic 2000 Tour Auto took over.

  1. The Carrera Panamericana (Mexico)

From the North to the south of Mexico, the Carrera Panamericana, also called “Pan-Am”, runs on roads with minimal protection. Created in 1950, the race brought together the most prestigious manufacturers of the time (Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz). Over a distance of 3.373 km, the pilots face various risks, including animal crossings and a very variable pavement condition. In 1955, the terrible accident of the French pilot Pierre Levegh and the death of about 80 spectators made it possible to cancel the event.

  1. The Tourist Trophy Motorcycle (Isle of Man)

On the Isle of Man (England), in the first week of June, the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world takes place. Created in 1907, the route is composed of 60 km and 264 bends. Motorcycles travel through villages at more than 300 km / h, shaving walls and sidewalks. So many chances to go in the background. Over the past 100 years, there have been more than 240 drivers who have died in trials or racing, leading many to call for a ban. At the 2014 edition, two new drivers came to expand this list.